Premium Fishing Boats For An Unrivalled Adventure

Experience unparalleled comfort and top-notch safety aboard Serengeti Fishing Charters’ Pursuit Craft. Our fleet of 4 Pursuits ensures the ultimate fishing adventure for groups of up to sixteen anglers on the West Coast.

Our Signature Fishing Vessel

Ms Heather III

Our flagship 31-foot fishing machine, the Ms. Heather III, is paradise on the water. In the heated cabin, you’ll discover waterborne refinement, with teak flooring, a teak dinette table, and a six-speaker surround sound CD player to play your favourite tunes as you fish.

The Ms. Heather III is equipped with radar, autopilot, GPS, fish finder, VHF and all the required safety gear by Transport Canada. In the galley, you’ll find a stove, microwave and refrigerator, along with a separate bathroom and shower, plus a sink with fresh water.

Because of its size and power, delivered from the twin 300 HP 4-stroke Yamaha engines, the Ms. Heather III allows you to reach the fishing grounds while other charters can not, allowing you to stay out longer and best fishing times even if the water gets a bit choppy.

Ms Heather VI

Serengeti’s second of four vessels, a 28-ft Pursuit is the latest in class and ingenuity. Complete with custom seats, state of the art GPS, radar, fish finder, and VHF. This boat is built for offshore fishing, with twin 250 HP 4-stroke Yamahas to get you to the fishing grounds quickly, ensuring a smooth ride along the way, and ample seating for 4 anglers plus the guide.

Ms Heather V

The Ms Heather V is our second 28-ft Pursuit. Like the others within our fleet, this boat boasts a comfortable set up for salmon and halibut fishing. It’s powered by a twin 250 HP 4-stroke Yamaha built for speedy transport back and forth to Vancouver Island fishing grounds, and is Transport Canada approved.

Commercial-Tier Amenities

Top-Of-The-Line Vessels

We know the boat you fish off of makes all the difference during your trip. Serengeti only offers the most spacious, covered, and heated boats on the market to make sure no matter what the weather brings at sea, you’re safe and comfortable.

Optimized Climate Controls

Whatever the weather calls for, you’re sure to stay comfortable all day long. Each of our Pursuit vessels are fully-heated as well as equipped with air conditioning should the day call for it.

Technologically Advanced

Long days on the water call for technological excellence. With state of the art instrumentation and performance-enhancing features, our craft offer smooth sailing on the roughest waters, superior handling and safety.

Comfort-Forward Amenities

From onboard refrigerators to keep your beverages cool to separate bathrooms, sound systems and kitchenettes with state of the art appliances, our vessels can accommodate your every need.

Weigh Anchor!

Our Vessels In Action

Built for performance on the water and easy on the eyes, our fleet is one of the most luxurious on the west coast.

Your Guides On The Water

Meet Your Captains

The secret to the success of our fishing charters is our team of friendly captains, well-versed on the waters of North Vancouver Island. Meet the Serengeti crew and discover why only our team wrangles the most fish on the west coast.

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