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For questions and more about every aspect of Serengeti Fishing Charters, view our list of frequently asked questions. For additional information, please contact us.

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Serengeti offers the fishing experience of a lifetime. Our boats offer a level of comfort and safety unmatched by any of our competitors, complemented by the most comfortable and consistent fishing for your money. Best of all, Serengeti Charters’ first goal is your success. Our hours are flexible and we will go wherever is required to find your catch. The vast majority of our halibut and bottomfish spots are known only to us, giving you every advantage on the water.
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We offer the longest days on the water, from 10 to 12 hour days, assuring you the time to catch as many fish as the day will allow. We make sure we hit the best tides for fishing, ensuring you go home with a boatload of fish. If you wish to leave earlier or return at a different time, it can be arranged with prior notice. Learn About Our Charters
All fishing gear, bait, and tackle is included in the price of the charter. However, you must buy your fishing license online (Approx. $26).
There are toilets available for use on all our vessels.
Yes, we deal with several fish smoking and packaging businesses in the local area, this can easily be arranged. We suggest Hardy Buoys Smoked Salmon Inc. for all processing and smoking needs.
Yes, we will drop off your fish at Hardy Buoys fish processing for you. They will additionally vacuum pack, flash freeze, and fillet your fish for you at an additional cost.
Weather has never canceled a Serengeti fishing trip. We have numerous fishing spots close to home that provide great success if the seas are too rough to travel to our usual fishing grounds. However, with our 31-ft Pursuit, weather is rarely an issue. In recent years, there has only been one day where we have not been able to make it to prime fishing grounds in the Ms. Heather III. Learn About Our Boats
Absolutely. The closest airport is right in Port Hardy and flights go to and from Vancouver on a daily basis. Plan Your Travel
Reservations are a must. Our most popular charter periods are booked very quickly – often well in advance. Our rebooking rate is extremely high, hopefully due to the great experience our guests have. Reserve Now

If you book before Jan 1 of your fishing year, a $1500 per boat deposit is required, with that deposit being bumped up to 50% come January, with the remainder being paid upon your arrival.

*50% deposit required on booking if after Jan.1st; if before, $3000 per boat with the deposit being bumped up to 50% in January, non-refundable but transferable to a different date in the same year. Remainder due 30 days before the start of your trip.

Salmon is best caught from early June to early September. Catch Salmon
To catch Halibut, the season is best from the beginning of May to the end of September (depending on DFO regulations). Catch Halibut
We will take a maximum of 4 people per boat, or 12 people per trip (on three separate boats). If you’re planning a trip with more than 4 people, be sure to make your reservations early in order to secure all boats for the given time period. If your group is larger than 12, arrangements can be made to get you all on a Serengeti trip at the same time. Reserve Now
Yes, all food for lunches and drinks (non-alcoholic) are provided for you on board. If you have any food allergies, please tell us in advance. Alcoholic beverages can be made available upon request at your own cost.

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