Preparing For Your Fishing Charter

Preparing for a fishing charter on the northern coast of Vancouver Island is easier than you’d expect. With amazing weather conditions and fully-equipped charter services, you can pack light with peace of mind.

Packing Made Easy

What To Pack For a Fishing Charter

With a moderate climate and fishing vessels equipped with top of the line gear, packing for a fishing charter is quite simple. We recommend you bring the following items for the journey ahead:

  • A light jacket
  • Good footwear
  • Hat & sunglasses

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Port Hardy Weather

As you gear up for your upcoming fishing charter, one factor you’ll want to keep in mind is the weather in Port Hardy. Luckily, the region boasts a mild climate that’s well-suited for long days spent out on the water.

A Rain Or Shine Destination

BC Saltwater Fishing Licence

As you prepare for your adventure with Serengeti Fishing Charters in Port Hardy, it’s important to ensure that you have obtained your BC Saltwater Fishing Licence. This licence is mandatory for all members of your party and must be obtained prior to your arrival. You can learn more about fishing in BC at this Pacific Region Fishing Information resource.

Now Booking For 2023

Experience The Best Fishing On Vancouver Island

It’s never too early to start planning your next fishing adventure on Vancouver Island! Serengeti Fishing Charters is now booking for 2023, offering the perfect opportunity to experience the best fishing in the region. Our all-inclusive sport fishing excursions and upscale accommodations promise an unforgettable adventure.

Resources & Info

More Resources & Information

Stay up to date with some of the following resources to assist you in planning your trip with Serengeti Fishing Charters.

Getting To Port Hardy

Getting To Port Hardy

Located in Northern Vancouver Island, Port Hardy is an anglers’ paradise, accessible by air and road. Get your directions to Port Hardy here.

How To Get Here

Things To Do In Port Hardy

Things To Do In Port Hardy

Discover what makes Port Hardy an iconic destination for anglers and adventurers alike. Even off the boat, there are many things to experience in the area.

Discover Port Hardy

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Serengeti Fishing Charters? Get the answers to your questions about our charters, lodge, reservations and more.

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